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Menphys is a local Charity covering Leicester and Leicestershire that provides a range of services to children & young people with disabilities and special educational needs.

Menphys are committed to the ongoing safeguarding of any children and young people in our care. As per our Safeguarding policy, it is at the forefront of our organisation and we aim to keep children safe at all times and we are diligent in our recruitment processes to reflect this.

Purpose of the post

Menphys has a range of Activity Clubs supporting children and young people aged 5-25 years. These clubs run weekly and cover various topics including sports, youth club and music. The purpose of the clubs is to provide a quality social space for young people and adults with a range of disabilities with the opportunity to take part in a range of quality meaningful activities and experiences that stimulate and develop the member’s skills in a friendly, supportive and needs-led environment. Opportunities should be created that promote social interaction, communication and choice, promoting confidence, self-belief and developing independence skills.
The role of the Volunteer Support Worker is to enable the goals and aims of the Menphys Activity Clubs and support club members whilst in post.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. To support the provision of a social space for children and young people with SEND to take part in a range of quality meaningful activities that develop their skills
2. To support the young people in order to achieve the club aims to promote confidence, self-belief and independence skills.
3. Supporting Club members with the programme of activities provided each week, across all areas.
4. Working as part of the Menphys Clubs team, including Club Room leads and Club Support Workers.
5. Assisting with the setting up and clearing away of activities delivered.
6. Supporting Club Members with needs-led support
7. Supporting the handling of challenging behaviour in an appropriate and tailored way to Club members
8. To support Club Members with their personal needs when necessary e.g packed lunch, getting a drink
9. To support Club Members with the maintaining and development of independence skills with the aim of increasing self-esteem and self-belief.
10. To act in a friendly and approachable manner, but maintain the correct level of professionalism.
11. To be committed to the role, including attending training and where necessary other locations.
12. To be familiar with key Menphys policies and procedures and the Staff Handbook and ensure that they are followed.
13. To be committed to the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults.

Menphys Will Provide:

1. Staff induction and training package including health & safety.
2. Guidance and support throughout your volunteering time with us.
3. An understanding of disabilities and special educational needs.

Further Information:

As the organisation develops over time and the external environment changes, the precise responsibilities of the role are likely to evolve. As a result, this Role Description may require updating, a process which will be undertaken through consultation between the Finance Manager and the Executive Director.

To provide an anti-discriminatory service, that respects people’s ethnic, religious, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds and to ensure the policies and procedures of Menphys Limited are implemented and followed.

Menphys welcome applicants with a disability and endeavour to adapt our work environment to accommodate individual requirements.


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