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To be able to fund more sports provisions and opportunities for children and young people with disabilities, Menphys needs to raise vital funds to make it possible. Menphys have a calendar full of sports, comedy and guest speaker events and now we need you! Choose from our standard, club or VIP memberships and join us along with some fantastic business all year round for great events, food, drink and networking.

Sports Club & Events Memberships

    Become an Event Headline Sponsor

    £750.00 + VAT

    • R5 Priority tickets to the event
    • RRoller Banner and leaflets at the event (you will keep the banner after the event)
    • R30 second introduction by the presenter
    • RPre-event email and social media promotions
    • RTickets featuring your logo and business information
    • RDedicated banner on the website as the event's official sponsor

    Why these events are so important to the Charity and children we support. 

    There are almost one million children & young people with disabilities in England (Department of Work and Pensions Family Resources Survey 2017/18). The benefits of sport and physical activity in children’s physical, mental, social, and emotional development are well-documented. Sport and physical activity are linked to cognitive benefits, learning ability, and better grade attainment for disabled children.

    Children and young people with disabilities want more choices of activities that are suitable for them and that they feel confident they will enjoy. For some, this means more activities that are inclusive for disabled and non-disabled children. Others want activities that are just for children with similar impairments. 

    “There just aren’t enough Sports provisions out there for young people with disabilities like my son!”  

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    Thank you for your interest in joining The Menphys Sports Club, please complete and submit the application form, and a member of the Menphys team will be in touch shortly.


    Yearly membership

    Yearly membership to The Menphys Sports Club starts from £150+VAT per member for our standard membership and includes a minimum of 4 events as part of that membership. Additional Fundraising for Menphys by members is at their own discretion.


    Membership Upgrades

    You can now choose from one of our new memberships and sponsorship options giving additional perks and support for Menphys. Choose from our Standard, Club or VIP Memberships along with event headline sponsor opportunities.


    Everyone welcome

    There will be no exclusivity and more than one person from each profession or classification will be welcome.


    Become a headline sponsor


    Exclusive events, VIP opportunities, upgrades, and entry into members prize draws


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    Your business logo displayed at all Menphys Sports Club events

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